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Medical Imaging
  • Multi-modal, Similarity & Gradient-free Image/Volume  Registration [with B. Glocker & N. Komodakis,  N. Navab & G. Tziritas]

  • Belief Propagation Networks and Knowledge-based Object Extraction and their applications in medical imaging [with A. Besbes & N. Komodakis]

  • DTI-MUSCLE: DT-MRI, extraction and statistical interpretation of fibers [with S. Essafi, R. Neji, A. Sotiras G. Fleury, J-F. Deux, G. Bassez & A. Rahmouni - prior with L. Zollei & C. Wachinger] 

  • DARWIN: Cardiac Image Analysis towards Predictive Models of the Left Ventricle [with M. Taron, A. Besbes, J. Garrot, J-F. Deux & A. Rahmouni]

  • Real-time Registration towards improving the quality of optical fluroscopic images for small animals [with M. Savinaud and S. Maitrejean]

  • Liver Segmentation & Predictive Modeling of Liver Cancer Tumors [with D. Pescia and S. Chemouni, V. Vilgrain & V. Paradis]

  • 3D Bone Modeling from Multiple X-Rays Views [with M. Sardarescu, A. Rahmouni, P. Hernigou & A. Kulski - prior with K. Varshney]

Computer Vision

Past Research Activities