Main   Geometric Level Set Methods in Imaging, Vision and Graphics, Springer (2003)

Preface, List of Contributors

Level Set Versus Langrangian Approaches

Level Set Method, Stanley Osher  

Deformable Models: Classic, Topology-Adaptive and Generalized Formulations, Demetri Terzopoulos

Edge Detection & Boundary Extraction

Fast Methods for Implicit Active Contours, Joachim Weickert& Gerald Kuhne

Fast Edge Integration, Ron Kimmel   

Variational Snakes, Agnes Desolneux, Lionel Moissan & Jean-Michel Morel

Image Denoising and Reconstruction  

Denoising & Deblurring Images, Lenny Rudin, Pierre-Louis Lions and Stanley Osher

Total Variation Minimization for Scalar/Vector Image Regularization, Francoise Dibos, Pascal Monasse, & Georges Koepfler    

Morphological Global Reconstruction and Levelings: Lattice and PDE Approaches, Petros Maragos    


Fast Marching techniques for Visual Grouping, Eutuxis Sifakis & George Tziritas  

Multi-Phase Object Detection and Image Segmentation, Luminita Vese  

Adaptive Segmentation of Vector Valued Images, Mikael Rousson & Rachid Deriche

Mumford-Shah for Segmentation & Stereo, Anthony Yezzi, Stefano Soato, Hailin, Jin, Andy Tsai & Alan Willsky

Segmentation and Registration  

Shape Analysis towards Model-based Segmentation (Registration, Modeling & Shape Priors), Nikos Paragios  & Mikael Rousson

Joint Image Segmentation & Registration, Baba Vemuri & Yunmei Chen  

Image Alignment, Francoise Dibos , Pascal Monasse & Georges Koepfler

Motion Analysis

Deforming Motion and Shape for Visual Tracking, Stefano Soato, Anthony Yezzi & Alessandro Duci  

Variational Principles in Optical Flow Estimation & Tracking, Nikos Paragios & Rachid Deriche

Computational Stereo and Implicit Surfaces  

Computational Stereo: A Variational Method, Olivier Faugeras, Jose Gomes & Renaud Keriven

Analysis, Shape Recontruction and Visualization from Sparse Data, HonKai Zhao & Stanley Osher 

Variational Problems and PDEs on Implicit Surfaces, Marcelo Bertalmio, Facundo Memoli, Li-Tien Cheng, Guillermo Sapiro & Stanley Osher  

Applications: Medical Image Analysis  

Knowledge-based Segmentation of Medical Images, Michael Leventon, Eric Grimson, Olivier Faugeras, Sandy Wells & Ron Kikinis  

Topology Preserving Geometric Deformable Models for Brain Reconstruction, Xiao Han, Chenyang Xu & Jerry Prince  

Graphics and Simulations  

Editing Geometric Models, Ken Museth, David Breen & Ross Whitaker

Simulating Natural Phenomena, Ron Fedkiw  

Bibliography  Bibliograph

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