Shape Grammars


In collaboration with Loic Simon and Panagiotis Koutsourakis, we have developed a procedural engine for shape grammar called CPA (Centrale Procedural Architect), that can derive any axiom shape according to grammar rules defined in an xml file. Many semantico-geometric operators are implemented. Each operator is quite simple, but the power of the grammar lies in combining simple operators to generate complex geometries. Splits, repetitions, 3D transformations, extrusions, shrinks, roofs, faceting are among the main operators defined.

Haussmannian Grammar

Different grammars have been imagined to represent different architectural styles : Parisian Haussmannian style (mid 19th century), Greek Doric temples (~5th century b.c.). The grammar is not limited to architecture, but can actually handle many kinds of structured shapes such as plants.

Other Grammars