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Our team head by Pr. Nikos Paragios in Ecole Centrale Paris is specialized in Procedural Modeling in Computer Vision and its applications to Image-based procedural Modeling. From 2007 on, we have been three PhD students (Olivier Teboul, Panagiotis Koutsourakis and Loic Simon) working on how to couple shape grammar with image support. Several methods have been proposed and published in the top-ranked Computer Vision conferences (see below).

.oO-| GraPeS |-Oo.

GraPeS means Grammar Parser for Shapes. It is a software for parsing facade images using shape grammars. Grapes implement a parsing methods based on Reinforcement Learning principles. It optimizes simultaneously the topology of the parse tree as well as the associated parameters. GraPeS comes along with predefined shape grammars as XML files and defines three kinds of rewards. However, it also offers the possibility to create new grammars and to provide custom rewards in text files, widening the scope of potential applications. The name of the software comes from the aspect of the parse tree of the binary split grammars involved in the process.

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