Ecole Centrale Paris Facades Database

Here are pictures of facades from different countries that I have taken during several trips. You can freely download these images. If you ever use them in a scientific publication or any official documents, please do not forget to refer to this webpage as Ecole Centrale Paris Facades Database. For convenience, all the images have been manually rectified. Eventually, I would like to thank Remy Beharaing for the Barcelona set and Loic Simon for the Paris-Monge one.

Benchmark 2011 104 annotated images 62 Ko
CVPR 2010 dataset 109 rectified + 30 labels 5 Mo
Paris, France 215 pictures 198 Mo
Barcelona, Spain 34 pictures 31 Mo
Greece 9 pictures 8 Mo
Marseille, France 18 pictures 20 Mo
Budapest, Hungary 20 pictures 25 Mo
Timisoara, Romania 17 pictures 18 Mo
New York, NY ,USA 30 pictures 30 Mo
San Francisco, CA, USA 15 pictures 13 Mo
San Diego, CA, USA 7 pictures 7 Mo
Los Angeles, CA, USA 4 pictures 4 Mo