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WP 5: System Integration and Demonstration

WP Leader: KTH 
The main objective is the integration of all WPs of the project with the subsequent demonstrations. More specifically, it aims at unifying knowledge and development, resulting from all the work packages, within the final demonstrators, in a continuous, sustainable and robust way. The framework derived within the previous work packages will be experimentally verified in the demonstrators. To achieve that, we particularly need:

  • To integrate the experimental platform in terms of hardware and software.
  • To integrate the research efforts of partners on computer vision, symbol grounding and control, made in previous work packages.
  • To successively prepare the necessary software modules that implement the proposed framework.
  • To successively carry out the 3 demonstrators with the experimental platforms.
  • To evaluate the performance of the proposed framework via quantifying robustness, efficiency, adaptation and communication cost.


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