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European researchers develop multi-robot co-operation

April 2013
Researchers from four European countries are developing multi-robot co-operation in a new project titled RECONFIG (Cognitive, Decentralized Coordination of Heterogeneous Multi-Robot Systems via Reconfigurable Task Planning), funded by the EU's Seventh Framework Programme for Research.

RECONFIG aims at enabling a heterogeneous group of robots to collaboratively perform complex tasks such as object transport . Heterogeneous multi-robot systems hold promise for robustness by leveraging complementary capabilities of agents. However, the coordination of such systems is challenging because each robot has its own knowledge and representation of the surrounding world. The researchers aim to tackle this challenge by combining reconfigurable task planning with explicit and implicit embodiment-coupled communication.

The project had its kick-off meeting in Stockholm in early April and will run until 2016. The project partners are KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden (coordinating the project), Aalto University, Finland, National Technical University of Athens, Greece, and Ecole Centrale Paris, France. The consortium partners have extensive experience in control, planning, perception and manipulation in robotics.



Professor Dimos Dimarogonas, Project Coordinator KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden Tel. +46-8-790 7322 Professor Ville Kyrki Aalto University, Finland Tel. +358-50-408 2035

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