Efficient object detection with deformable part models

[NEW!] The code for rapid bound computation in DPM detection from our PnA-ECCV12 paper is now online

This further accelerates the earlier implementation of our NIPS'11 paper on Branch & Bound for detection with DPMs.

Fractional Programming Grouping [NEW! (but old)]

A first release of the CVPR 2010 fractional programming grouping algorithm is available here

Intrinsic Shape Context Descriptors - Scale Invariant HKS

[NEW!] The code for our CVPR 2012 and 2010 papers on surface descriptors is now online

Learning-based symmetry detection

[NEW!]The implementation and the ground truth annotations for our ECCV'12 paper on learning-based symmetry detection is available from here

Dense Scale-Invariant Descriptors

The front-end for our CVPR '08 paper on scale-invariant descriptors - extended to perform dense, scale-invariant feature extraction

Code, readme, documentation: sid.zip.

Modulation Features for Texture Analysis

The front-end for our PAMI paper on texture segmentation.

Code includes:
Multi-scale Quadrature Filter Pairs (Gabor and Edge filters)
Energy Separation Algorithm and Regularized ESA
Edge vs. Texture discrimination

Scale-Invariant Edges and Ridges

My implementation of T. Lindeberg's Primal Sketch.

Code includes:
Scale-space edge and ridge detection
Efficient IIR implementations of Gaussian filtering
Contour extraction and segmentation